Since the establishment in 2001 , BIG FOOT KOREA., LTD has played a leading role as the forerunner in domestic based on technical Know - How and technology accumulated.
These results would be impossbile without you customers` patronage that we are not proud of ourselves due to your advice and reproof. We are willing to play a key role in developing the industries for flatbed die cutters in domestic market based on technology and experiences accumulated until now.
At now, our will is depending on you customers attention We hope to be the standard enterprise by performing both strict handcraft - ship and professionalism as well as
remodelling and developing the existing models manufactured by us unil now.
We have been contributing ourselves to increase the export for overseas markets and the demand creation in domestic market as well.
Everything we are willing to proceed is up to you customers so that our daytime would be short to satisfy customers and not to let you down. Thank you.